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Welcome to Ottawa International Airport Chapel

As airport chaplains, we deal with issues about living life in this sometimes chaotic, unfair and challenging world. We do hospital visits, encourage the downhearted, pastor individuals, family issues, and even minister through correspondence. Our focus is to provide new principles or new perspectives to address life issues.

Each person's belief system is the catalyst to his or her personality, character, aspirations and desires in life. Whether one has faith in religion, self-confidence, culture or family, or even being anti-religious, each person is bound by what he or she defines as true about life and wholeness. We all have a belief system that governs how we respond to life and treat our fellow human beings. No one seeks any other belief system as long as the present formula satisfies. We are available to those who aren't satisfied or who wonder and are researching for more meaning to life.

We do that by introducing the Divine perspective

We are persons of deep conviction, convictions not everyone may agree with, true, but we don't tell people what to believe; we are available only to share the Divine perspective. The choice of what you believe is yours alone to make.

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